3.20.13 in Pictures

Days like today make me incredibly grateful for the technology we literally have at our fingertips. I love that I can document my life, our life,  in photos so easily. When I went back to work I was worried that I wouldn't have many photo ops to keep up with my many paper crafting hobbies, seeing as my photos are the focal point of my scrapbooking. As silly as it is, I was seriously concerned. I was worried that, in my absence with being away at work, there wouldn't be as many things to document, as many adventures to record. I have successfully proven myself wrong. I realized that we didn't stop living when I went back to work; we just learned a different way of life. And there is still plenty of room for photo taking and memory-keeping in this different way of life that we're sporting now. We're still making our mark on this life, and that mark is still completely worthy of documentation through photos and words.

As you can see from today's pictures, many of our photos are taken in the evenings. I may not get to take pictures while things are happening, but I can take pictures of the evidence that things happened. For example: Take the picture of Liliane's fingernail polish that is all over the blue-carpeted floor. Her bottles of polish ended up on the floor because Wesley pushed it off of the table where it was sitting. He pushed it off so he could have a platform for playing with his cars. He adores his cars, and he plays with them constantly. Every surface is a road for cars, and he had to clear the road that was the table. So there is a story behind that polish on the floor. One that may take a little more effort in telling, but one that is still important.

If you visit this blog frequently, you may have noticed that I've been much better about blogging over the past few months compared to a year ago. At the start of the year I decided to make a change: to put more effort into this platform of memory-keeping; to use this place more to tell our story. Albeit little, that change has really served me well in other areas of my life, too. So what if I don't have the huge blocks of time that I used to have to put toward my creative ventures? So what if I don't get to spend hours and hours in my craft room sewing or playing with paper, doing whatever I want? I can always come here, to my blog, and spill my heart out on the computer screen. I can use it as my creative therapy. I can share notes and stories about the things that make me the most happy: my family and our life together. And when I have time, I can share about the other crafty/project/house stuff too.

It's interesting how priorities shift when a huge life change takes place. Sometimes it takes you back to the basics, back to beginnings. I think going back to work did this for me. I know we will keep shifting, keep adjusting, and keep learning this new way of life because its what we need to do. I feel going back to work was a trial, but in that trial I have identified so many blessings. I was blessed to have the opportunity I have in working where I do, blessed with the ability to provide for my family in the ways Jordan's employment does not, blessed to have the most wonderful alternative possible when it comes to carrying for my children during the day, (thanks, Mom!). This is all a joint effort, a team effort, and I am reminded of that daily. Team work takes work. Working is hard, but it yields so many good things.

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