January | Recap

Its crazy that January is over with already! In some ways it's a good thing because that means the days are starting to get longer and the cold weather will (soon) get warmer. Below is my recap from last months Go & Dos:

1: Read. Yes. I read. But I didn't read as much as I was hoping. I did make an effort to share what I was learning. It was good to allow my reading be what spurs conversation with Jordan. I think that was a definite plus to this particular goal.

2. Think. This one was hard, and at some points during the month I even forgot all about this goal that I made. But when I remembered, I made sure that I acted accordingly. I was deliberate and asked myself lots of questions before buying certain things. The trick will be for me to always have this on the forefront of my mind.

3. Serve. I served. But I can always to better. I found myself in a less-than-desirable mood while serving those that I love, so that will be something to work on. My diligence in serving in my calling could use a bit help in the realm of procrastination. We all have dealt with that one at one time or another. But the truth is, if I can find a way to eliminate that negative element, (meaning the procrastination), then I know I will be more successful in serving.