Go & Do | February

1. Work: I want to make an effort to work a little harder this month, both at my actual job and at home with the chores and family.  

2. Prepare: It seems like I have been perpetually 5-10 minutes late to everything over the past few weeks. So, in an effort to eliminate my tardiness, I need to be more prepared. I can do this by getting the children's things ready to go the night before. I can start showering at night to save precious morning time. (The mornings are the most rushed of all at our house.) I can do more prep when it comes to meals in the evening too. This also goes along with my calling at church. I need to be more prepared for Sunday, and with our time block being the early one (9 to noon) I'm going to have to get a lot more stuff done on Saturday.

3. Attitude: I briefly mentioned my less-than-desirable mood in my recap of my serve goal from January. It's something that I am getting tired of, (and I'm sure Jordan is way past tired of it.) I just need to change my attitude. So what if something doesn't go exactly how want. I need to just live and let live. A better attitude is almost a necessity and it is high time I took care of making it a priority.