Floor - In Progress

Jordan brought home this flooring from a job. He got it all for free so we figured why not update our place a bit. We haven't quite finished installing it yet, seeing as both of us have day jobs in addition to our parental duties. We did stay up super late on Saturday night and got pretty far, but we need another few nights to dedicate our time to completing the job. We go into these kinds of projects knowing that they make take a little while. Once the floor is down, we will have to install new trim around the doors and new baseboard as well. Its amazing what a difference this floor is already making. Our home feels much cleaner now, which is funny. The hardwood underneath is the original hardwood from 1959, which was under carpet for years as well. The carpet was removed just before we bought the house and we've been living with the rough floor for nearly 2 years now. When we moved in we thought that we would refinish the floor, but it was pretty damaged with a lot of gaps. (That and there were screws put into the floor here and there from the previous owner, which kills the ambiance of a wood floor.) Needless to say a change is in order and I am so glad. 

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