A Force of Habit

HOBBY: An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. 
Yes. These all belong to Jordan. I married a boy, and this is what I get: RC trucks, cars, planes, helicopters, all of the above, all over the house. And I wouldn't change it for a thing. It makes me so happy to know he has interests in things like this, little hobbies to pass the time and let loose. For me I have crafting in all its forms,  i.e. scrapbooking, sewing, home decor, and clothes...lots of clothes.... but for a long time Jordan didn't have much to do with his free time. That all changed in 2010 when Jordan got his first Rock Crawler RC. (Its the green one on the left.) That green "scorpion" opened a door that will probably never get closed. Jordan has said that this is the part of him that will never age. He will always enjoy playing with his cars. I don't blame him. It is fun to see what these things can do. That big one on the right, the one with all the dried mud - that one is totally waterproof. He's even taken it up Provo River near the waterfall. His little hobby has turned out to be fun for the whole family. The kids love it when Daddy gets his cars out. 

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