Go & Do | January

My word for 2013 is True, and after pondering on how I can better invite this word into my life this year I decided to set a few "to-dos" (or goals, if you like that word better) for each month, each of which having something to do with my word. Nothing too big, just simple things that I want to "Go & Do." So here's my list of January's Go & Dos that will help me in the 2013 adventure:

1. Read. Read the scriptures daily and find uplifting articles to read as well. Share what I learn with someone I love. This relates back to my desire to seek truth.

2. Think. Think hard about the purchases I make. I want to watch more closely where my money goes on the incidental stuff to see if I can save a dime here and there. If there is something I like but can live without, I want to try more diligently to live without it. This relates to my desire to be true to the budgets Jordan and I have set.

3. Serve. Serve my children more willingly. Serve my husband more lovingly. Serve in my calling at church more diligently. This has to do with wanting to be more true in my duties and responsibilities as a wife, mom, and member of our church.

If I can get this to work, I think updating each month with the new Go & Dos on the first sunday of the month will suit me well. It might be hard to keep up but I feel doing this is a small action that can yield big results.

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