Let There Be Light!

You see that ceiling right there? Up until 4 days ago, there were no light fixtures there. No fan. No can lights. All I had in this room was lamp lighting and a dinky light behind a permanent pelmet box over the 12 foot sliding door to the backyard. But now, this is my living room! I am in love! Jordan is awesome and amazing and the best person anyone could every be married to. When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said I wanted a service Christmas. I wanted of his time to work on house projects. I told him I have the desire and vision, but he has the know-how to carry out said desires and visions. He coordinated with his mom, whose gift to us was the 6-pack of can light fixtures and bulbs, and Jordan put forth his time and labor in installing them for us. The children love it, too. Wesley was in total awe when he saw the lights on for the first time. Its amazing what more light can do to breathe new life into a living space. As Jordan and I were talking after he had installed the lights, he said the lights make him want to be in this room more. I just love it. I am so happy! This service Christmas thing was a really good idea, one that I may just have to repeat.

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