A Penny For My Thoughts

Sometimes I think it silly to think that I keep a blog. Especially since I haven't been regularly updating this blog in so long. But it's still here, just waiting to be used as a place to document our story. This blog has been a tool for me to jot down funny moments, and the moments that mean much more than just a laugh. It's been a place for me to share our lives with all who want to read. I love this tool. And it eats at me that I don't use it as much as I want to. Sometimes it just feels good to wear your heart on the computer screen; to just type away and pour out thoughts for no one else's benefit but your own. That is why I keep coming back here, even though I may be more sporadic than I like in my posting.

And so, I am back. And I want to talk about how the other day I told Jordan that I want to be more consistent. I want to be a more consistent care-giver and homemaker. I want to be more true to my word. With the new year looming in the distance, and with the tradition of choosing a word to live by for 2013, I am thinking that my word will have a lot to do with being consistent. I haven't narrowed in on just one word yet, but the gears are turning. I have to remember that desire is a good thing. It means we have drive. Motivation can bring to pass great things. I want to do great things, so with all the desires I have in me that have root in so many of my interests, I want to put that drive to the test.   

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