One Year

(Jordan and Missy on the day we got her.)
Missy joined our family exactly one year ago today. In some ways I am surprised she lasted that long, but in other ways I'm really not. She's become such a part of our family. I've never really been a dog person. I only had pet cats growing up. Missy is one dog that I have learned to (tolerate and) love, though. The children love her to death. Missy has served me well in assisting to get Liliane to sleep on a few occasions. (She'll sit on the bed and keep Liliane company while Liliane tries to fall asleep.) She's been nice to have around when Jordan was working away from home overnight. I am thankful for her sweet disposition. She is great and I really do like having her around. She's now full grown and still a beautiful dog. It's been a good year with our Missy-Dog.

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