Oh, for the love of sidewalk chalk. I am a mom and I still love to graffiti up a blank cement slab. Wesley, Liliane and I all decided to practice some chalk drawing skills on our driveway this week. I'm pretty sure this was Wesley's first time coloring on the sidewalk, and I know it won't be his last. Liliane drew a picture of Daddy that made me laugh. I taught Liliane about hopscotch and she caught right on.
I love his little shadow in this photo. He's going to town with all those colorful chalks. He very much enjoyed this little activity.
Hooray for hopscotch. I took a series of photos of her going across the hopscotch and this is one of my favorites. I love that she's not even touching the ground, yet still in pretty good focus. (Hmmm. I just notice the little dandelion starts coming up in the cement cracks. Time to pull out the roundup again. Moving on.)
These are the pictures Liliane drew of Jordan and me. Jordan is the little man on the left, I'm the circle blob on the right. I love that she gave us hair and fingers/toes. She cracks me up! The fact that Jordan's picture has clothes and mine doesn't is an entire different story having to do with Liliane learning that boys bodies are different that girls. What can you do? She at that matter-of-fact stage where differences are just that. They are different. So, given the fact that she included the "difference" on the picture of Jordan, I gently encouraged her to draw clothes on the picture she drew so we can keep the different stuff private. I did the outline of the clothes and she filled it in. Sometimes I think she is too smart. I'm sure lots of parents feel that way, when they find their children are more observant, more candid, than they realize. I love her. I love that she is growing and learning so much, though its a bit alarming at how fast it is all happening.

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