Hello | 2012.

The new year is here and I am loving every minute. I love the boost of energy and motivation that's around this time of year. I swear it is contagious. My word for this year is QUIET. Weird word, I know. But if you knew why I chose it, you wouldn't think it was that weird. I plan to play along with the One Little Word journey again using the contents from Ali's class. I am recycling the stuff from last year's class and adding a few things in my 2012 One Little Word book here and there.

Jordan's even going to do his own take on the idea and he let me help him put together some basic prompts/review cards to help him keep up with his goals. I arranged them in a binder with divided page protectors so all he has to do is pull out the card, jot down how he's doing, and put it back. Pretty cool.

I have a good list of goals that I will be working on this year. Nothing huge, just things that I want to improve rather than change. Some of them have to do with my hobbies, but most have to do with my family and family life. Its a good feeling to want to be better. And what's even greater is to be actively working on becoming better. The new year and the setting of achievable goals is definitely a step in the right direction.

2012, I'm looking forward to what you can do for me.

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  1. I like your word for 2012! I don't think that is a practical word for our chaotic household, though. Maybe my One Little Word will be Patience?