Well. We pulled it off. Jordan and I held our very first Thanksgiving at our house. And surprisingly it was easier than we thought it would be. We had a total of 11 adults and 4 children eat with us. We cleared out our living room of the couch and other large funiture so as to make room for the two banquet tables we borrowed from my mom and dad's house. 

We rounded up every chair we could find in our house and had just enough for everyone. It looked kind of hodge-podge but at least everyone had a place to sit! We sat the children at a small table and set it with plastic-ware so as to avoid any possible disaster with broken glass...
Liliane and Malaki were excited they had their very own goblets to drink out of. They thought that was pretty cool.
Jordan went around and got the festive drink served for everyone just before we sat down for dinner. (Its just cranberry juice, 7-up and ice but you have to load it in the glass in just the right order for it to get the pretty separated/layered look. Its great.) When everyone sat down we said our blessing on the food and then all got up to serve ourselves from the food table.
We decided to serve the dinner buffet style which worked wonderfully. Our turkey turned out delicious and all the sides were just as good. My all time favorite at Thanksgiving is the yams.
Jordan made them this year and they were divine! I don't know why they are my favorite. They just are. 

After our meal was eaten, the clean up was done, and the living room was put back together, we made our way over to my parent's house for trifle. I didn't get a picture but needless to say, it was just as good as the rest of our food. Overall we had a lovely Thanksgiving and look forward to many more to come. 

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