Scrap Again DT Work

I'm on a roll. I'm here to share some scrapbook layouts (what?? paper stuff on my blog again?? its been tooooo long!) with you that I did for Scrap Again.
 November's kit came with some AWESOME stuff. Randi and Ami never cease to satisfy!

 Can I just say that I love to see Jordan interacting with our children. He and Liliane were coloring in a huge princess coloring book when I took the pictures in the "Pretty  Please" layout. I love it.

 This is my most favorite layout of the group. Oddly enough, I got the idea for this page while I was in Yellowstone in one of the visitor centers. I think I like white space.

 I love this little girl. I think that pretty much covers it.
 The layout above is of Wesley and me in the summer. He is the bump on my hip these days. And a good bump at that. The layout below showcase photos from May when we visited the Tulip festival. 
I just like paper. Gluing things onto it just makes me happy.