Falling Off the Wagon

Indeed, I have fallen off the wagon; the blogging wagon to be precise. I was thinking about how little I am posting these days and the only thing I can attribute it to is that for the last three months my daily routine has been pretty hit or miss. Strange. But there are things that need to be shared, so here I am playing catch-up... again. :)

(I took this picture while on a hike in Yellowstone. He is chewing on a piece of staw. I swear he is never ready/willing for a decent photo. That's my Jordan and I love him.)

A bit about Jordan right now: He is busy. So busy that he eats/sleeps/drinks work. That is the life of construction management, I suppose. Work is busy but at least he is working with a good company and they compensate him as fairly as they can. I am just grateful there is work enough to do. The long hours are tiring, for sure, but he is doing good otherwise. For the last few months Jordan was seriously considering joining the national guard, but has since decided against it after getting all the information he could about it. I can say I am glad he was able to research it out and make the decision he did. I would have supported him either way, but I did let out a sigh of relief when he finally came to the conclusion that he would not join. It is good to have the decision made.

(We took this picture while visiting the pumpkin patch in Springville.)

A little about Liliane right now: She is loving life. The other day when she woke up in the morning she climbed into my bed, laid down next to me and said "Sweetheart Mommy...can you please turn on a show for me? Sweetheart Mommy, I want to watch a show downstairs." All the while she was tickling my face and being as gentle as she could. I love that she is learning to butter me up. I'm sure I won't think so fondly of it when she is older and trying to get away with much worse, but I will enjoy it while I can.

(This photo is from the pumpkin patch, too. There was a corn pit at the pumpkin patch and this little man couldn't get enough of it. He kept trying to eat the corn.)

Mr. Wesley Boo has completely taken off. He is walking all over the place. I will never forget the day he found his confidence. It was the day we attended Jordan's family's fall party. Before then Wesley was capable of walking, but very timid. He would take 4-5 steps and then slowly lower himself to the floor. It was only a matter of time, and if you could see him now, he is on-the-go all the time.

(This picture was taken in our kitchen while we were playing with our camera remote. Nothing fancy... but its a picture nonetheless.)

This whole blog is dedicated to what's on my mind so it is only appropriate to keep the ball rolling. As I have shared before, I particularly enjoy this time of year. Its a busy time, but I love it. I have spent my time over the last little while working on my december daily getting it ready. This year I also created a Halloween countdown book and a thankful journal for the month of November. I will need to get on the ball and take some photos of these projects and share them. I miss sharing my paper love on this little blog of mine, and it is high time to get back to it. There is lots I want to do yet, like creating an advent calendar for December, and getting the rest of Liliane's birthday decorations cut out on the cricut. (I recently sold my little personal cutter and upgraded to the expression, after 3 years of using the little ole thing. Man, I really don't know why I waited so long. I love the larger format!) I know I can do all that I want to if I am wise with my time. My sister said once that there is no such thing as "not having time to do something." Everyone has time. Sometimes we just need to allocate it better, and "make" time for things. I believe this to be true.

So there you have it. A semi-short update on this Gray family. I have a few more recap blog posts up my sleeve, like telling some stories from our Yellowstone trip we took in September, plus telling about our Halloween countdown activities. Keep reading. :)


  1. You are so awesome, Taraleigh! You make time for all the things I am too lazy to do :)

    I'm glad that hubby made a choice about the guard that you're happy with. That is great!