Taking Pictures

I took some pictures of my sister-in-law (AKA the bride-to-be) last week. I had both my children with me, plus my nephew who I watch during the day. It was quite a tricky little endeavor (complete with a frantic i-lost-my-keys scare...) but I am so happy with the snapshots we got! I don't want to spoil the dress secret so I can't show you dress-revealing photos, but I can share my favorite "details" shot:
I love it. I love that she is wearing cowboy boots for her special day. I just love it. I always dreamed of a fall wedding, but alas I got engaged October 12th and wasn't about to plan a wedding in less than a month. So January had to do. And I am ok with that.

There are so many more pictures that are just wonderful. I can hardly wait to share more of the fun!