Proud to be a Millar

It is high time to share some stories about our Millar family reunion we held over Labor day. In the past we have gone camping someplace, but this year we decided to do the camping thing in my parent's backyard and have a "staycation" of sorts. The fun started Saturday morning and went through Monday afternoon. We all gathered at my parents house for a yummy breakfast and then nearly all of our 40-some-odd family members hiked the Y.

Wesley stayed with my brother-in-law so we didn't have to carry him up the mountain. Liliane did a great job! She only insisted on being carried about 1/2 the way up/down. She was quite the trooper! The sad truth is that this was my first time ever hiking the Y, and I was born and raised in good ole P-town! I guess you could call me lazy or something. But nevertheless I made it up and even ran the last switch back. It was lovely to get to see the valley from that vantage point, and especially cool to be there with so many members of my family. 

After the hike we had lunch and then headed over to the pavillion to have fun on the giant slip and slide. Liliane and I went down together a few times. I wasn't prepared (didn't have my suit) but that didn't stop me. Wesley went down once with my brother and he was done. 

Saturday night we all came to my house for a barbecue. We had chicken and beef kabobs and they were delish! Lots of yummy food and great company.

The kids ate hot dogs so their food was ready before the rest of the food was. Everyone was happy and played in the yard until we were ready to eat in waves.

Jordan was in charge of grilling the dinner and I was in the kitchen getting it all ready to grill. The kabobs were a definite hit. We didn't have any kabobs left!

Wesley went to town with his slice of watermelon. He's a fan of food, much more that Liliane was as this age.

Sunday we all spent the day together. In the evening we all sat around while my mom and dad shared some neat stories with all of us. These kinds of things are my favorite about family reunions.

Monday morning everyone gathered up their things and we all got ready to go back to real life. It was a fun weekend, a busy weekend for sure, but definitely one we will remember.

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  1. That is such an awesome idea! Holy Cow I thought your family was big before, but Wow there are SO many people in that picture, I could barely find you! It looks like you had a blast!