Thursday Random

I found myself in September today. I can feel fall rushing in around me. The light comes in the windows differently at this time of year, and there is a distinct crispness in the air. I am one of the million who love fall. Fall is nostalgic for me; Jordan and were dating in the fall and got engaged in the fall. A lot of fond memories flood my braid when the calendar reads any day after September 1. Then there are all the holiday activities to plan for and get excited about, not to mention all the fun fall fashions and pulling out my boots to wear again. I find that I bake more in the fall too. (Who doesn't?) Today we made cookies. Nothing fancy, but they made me and all the children around here today happy.

I rediscovered the wonderful world of pintrest today. I joined quite some time ago, but haven't been pinning much lately (due to my lack of time online). So today I spent a few seconds and spruced up my boards with some fresh inspo. Of all the places to be online these days (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Pintrest, etc) I find Pintrest to be my favorite. Less reading, more looking. That's what I call fun. To be frank, I have this love/hate relationship with Facebook. It makes me a little crazy and annoyed to see all these signs saying "Like us on Facebook." I don't like how Facebook is taking over the world. I am not really sure why either. I mean, Facebook is a great concept for those wanting to stay connected. But at the same time, I see how detrimental it can be for those who are still developing communications skills. I think Facebook, texting, twittering, etc really handicap peoples abilities to verbally communicate, and to do so effectively. I'll stop ranting. I don't expect anyone to share the same thoughts on the subject as I do.

So there you have my random Thursday. I would share pictures of something, but I'll go with just words today. It works better with the random theme.


  1. OH my gosh I have a love/hate relationship too! I get on way too much and hate how much I am wasting time being on! I definitely agree about all the technology and communicating by the way.

  2. I too have a complex relationship with fb. But as of late i've really appreciated its capabilities, I started doing family history and I was able to contact some crazy distant family that I can't wait to tie together. So today its on my good side.