Show & Tell: House

I realized I haven't spoken much on this blog in a while. That is what buying a house has done to me, I suppose. But it is a good silence, because though I am not prolific (at the moment) here, it's a sign that I am elsewhere (a.k.a busy with working on this home of ours). Today is the day you get to see some of the big things we've done. So, without any more delay, here we go!

We'll start in the kitchen:
This beauty was the first thing I saw when I set foot in this house. We came in through the side door and I about fell over with surprise! You see, when we made the appointment to walk through this house I had very little expectation that it would be anything worth seeing. I was trying to heed our realtor's advice in that we needed to see a number of homes so we could have a reference point on the things we want/like. So we came and we saw... and we haven't looked back!

The only thing we've done in the kitchen so far is getting rid of that (very dated) wall paper. Oh, and we have a different oven, but that is an ENTIRE different (very long) story. The new oven is black and looks very similar to the old, so you get the same idea. Here is a picture of the wall paper removal in-progress:
We're even further than this, but not quite paint ready. Hopefully we'll have the kitchen painted by the first part of September.

Next up: the living room. Here is what the room looked like when we bought the house.
  And here is a picture of the paint in-progress:
And this is what the room looks like today:
 Here is a view from the other side of the room. (On the wall that isn't shown, directly opposite the couch, is 12 foot wide sliding glass door/window. I love how much light this lets into the room. It never photographs well, so I had to explain it instead of show it.)
There are few things I still want to do in here (like finish hanging the pictures that go one the wall with the ones already there, but I'll get there. This room had dark panelling on two walls. We painted the entire room and I love how the panelling looks painted! The subtle lines look really neat in real life.

Moving right along, here is the front entry.
Front entry before:
Front entry after:
I've included two views so you can put things into perspective. The hall has been the most labor intensive project we've done in the house so far. All the doors in the house were a finished birch wood-like color. We went through and painted all the doors white. I'm not a huge wood person. Wood floors are fine, but I prefer doors and most furniture to be painted or finished in other ways. We also changed the door knobs from a golden/bronze to a brushed nickel, just to give things an updated feel. We updated the light fixtures, too. This dome light will be continued through other rooms in the house too.

So that is a start. I still have more to share on what we've gotten done, like Wesley's room and the hall upstairs, but I will have to share those once I've taken a photo of the finished projects. (Plus, this post is getting dangerously long.)

I have learned a sense of appreciation for how much work goes into loving a house. We've only scratched the surface and have a to-do list a mile long, but we'll get there. It will take time, but we plan on staying in this house for a very long time.


  1. Beautiful make-over! Job well done. it is a TON of work! Keep it up and jeep us posted!