Just Got Back

We spent this past weekend at Bear Lake with Jordan's family. We enjoyed kicking back and getting a little sunshine. We brought our waterproof digital camera (best thing ever) with us and had a blast playing in the water with it. We got some crazy looks (people were probably thinking we were idiots with a camera in the water) but we figured WHO CARES! We were loving the fun we were having!
We swam at the lake and at the Bear Lake West pool.  The water was so high this year that there really wasn't much of a shoreline anywhere. The beaches that were there were pretty crowded, but such is summertime life. Everyone is out to enjoy the heat.
We took a tour through the Minnetonka cave which was really cool. Even with the 400+ stairs (each way) the only thing that ached afterward was my arms from carrying my little chub-a-lub Wesley. But it was worth it.

We stayed in a cabin with all of Jordan's family. The cabin had a spectacular view of the lake. The picture above is one of the sunrise. I couldn't believe how much light comes in! I'm so used to being in the shade of the eastern mountains that I don't get to enjoy sunrises that often!

There were a total of 22 people there. It was super fun to get to see everyone and enjoy some down time. I read a book (If I Stay) while we were gone. That is one thing I love about summer vacations, I finally get some reading in! Liliane and Wesley had a ball playing with the cousins.
These pictures of the kids make me laugh! I love that hardly anyone is even looking at the camera in the first one, and that the babies are raining on the coloring parade in the second. I love it. I love time we get to spend with family. We had a fantastic little vacation, and in more ways than one it wasn't quite long enough. But we have to return to real life eventually, so that is what we are busy doing now.

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