As Promised

I vaguely remember saying that I would share the "staycation" minibook I made last year about our 4th of July activities. Since we still have a week left in July, I figure it's safe to finally share this book with you. 
These photos are a bit hurried, but they'll still give you the idea. I went with a pretty simple design for the whole book.  I used Ali Edwards' Long Journalers and her WITL Twill Mega pack (from designer digitals). I started out with a little note about what the book is all about.
Then, for each day of our little staycation, I included two spreads of the book, with a synopsis of each day sandwiched between the second spread.
I used the twill on each day to define the date, both day of the week and day of the year.
The long journalers were such a great way to include the words and the stories from each day. I love these and have used them on many of my scrapbooking projects!
To set each day apart I created a opening focal point, like the one just above on the left. It helped to set apart each day/group of activities from each other. I like the white space it created, too.
For some reason the other photos of the last day didn't get taken, but the design is the same as the other days. I bound the book using my bind-it-all. (I love that thing!) The paper I used was just stuff I had on hand. As you can see, I went with an aged red+white+blue scheme, to go along with the holiday.

So there you go, my promise to share this festive little mini-book with you is fulfilled. Next promise: HOUSE PICTURES!! I have been so busy since the first week in June, what with buying our house and moving. I finally have some good before/after pics to share so stay tuned.
Happy Monday!

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