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The Gray house is overflowing with busy happenings. Summer is just beginning and are feeling it. First - here is what's going on with the munch-kins:

HE... scooting around all over the place. He has completely mastered the army crawl and performs it with such precision I swear he could write a book. He loves to be right up in the action. A few favorites of Wesley's include eating grass whenever we're outside, jabbering to himself right before he falls asleep (I think he does it to try to stay awake...), and stealing Liliane's treats. Liliane got angry with Wesley when he got into her little stash of jelly beans, and you know what she said to him? She said "Wesley! You're BAD DOG!" - more explanation on that to come...

SHE... always on the go. Summer is here and she is very much aware. She loves to be outside. I have a feeling much of our time this summer will be spent in our new back yard. Liliane's also been developing her "creative" skills. She absolutely loves to cut up paper with scissors. (Yikes.) She just learned the concept of water color paints (thanks to the time she spends at my sister's) so she is constantly asking me to pull out her paints. She's more than excited to move to the new house. She knows exactly which room will be hers and she tells anyone and everyone who has seen the house which room will be hers. I just love these children of mine.

... is Missy, our new little puppy. She's a pure-bred American Bulldog and we love her to bits. She's Jordan's (early) Father's day present this year. He's been wanting a dog for who knows how long! He is so excited to get to teach and train her. She's a very sweet puppy. Liliane has loved having her join our family. Wesley is impartial, but give it time and he'll love her, too. (She's the reason Liliane called her brother a bad dog. Very funny.)

I have some other news to share so now that the munch-kins are covered we'll move on to the rest. Jordan and I signed papers on our new house yesterday. We are more than thrilled to have that done. Its crazy how stressful buying a house can be, but we really lucked out in getting to work with many very kind people throughout the process. Now it is just a matter of painting and moving in. We've already begun boxing up our things and we hope to make this a slow move to ease the stress. We have the entire month of June to move so I think we'll like taking it easy.

My dear Grandma Peahl
After battling a terminal illness for nearly a decade, her fight came to an end last week. She's now reunited with her sweetheart, where she should be. Her funeral services are scheduled for Thursday (Utah) and Saturday (Iowa). Jordan is going to stay home with Liliane while Wesley and I join my family in Iowa for the service/internment in Iowa. I had the opportunity to say good bye to this beautiful woman hours before she passed away. I am forever grateful for that opportunity.

So amidst the joys of buying a new house, we get to see lots of family as we gather to celebrate the life of my Grandmother. As you can see, the Gray house is a busy house. But we don't mind. Here's to happy traveling come Thursday afternoon. :)

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  1. Wow you are a busy bee! Your kids are adorable and congrats on the house; I can't wait for that day to come. I am sorry for you loss and I send my sympathies to your family. It is hard no matter how expected it is.