Our Trip to the Farm

Our friends, the Hurds, invited us to go to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point last Thursday. We had a lot of fun! Liliane loved seeing the cows and the horses. She seemed so reserved while we were there but I could tell she enjoyed herself by the things she said about the farm afterwards.  

Liliane got to ride on a pony and did so without any help from me. I was impressed! She wasn't scared or nervous. She just sat still and held on.
We fed some goats and got slobber all over our hands. Thank goodness our friend came prepared with wipes to clean our fingers after feeding the animals.
Here we all are on the wagon ride. The weather was perfect! A lot nicer than it is today! (Snow covered the ground saturday night. Not. Fun. But it should melt quickly, at least that is what I am hoping for.) I would really like to go visit the Tulip Festival later this month at Thanksgiving Point. I hope the weather will cooperate and not hinder the blooming tulips. I'm crossing my fingers for that! Have a lovely Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with a paper post.

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