When Daddy Is Home...

When Jordan is home with the kids Liliane seems to gets free reign. When mom is away she thinks the whole house, and all things in it, are hers for the taking. Tonight I was at the church for a Relief Society activity for 5 hours (I serve on the RS activity committee so I helped with the set up and take down). When I got home, this is the sight I saw of my sweet little stinker of a daughter:
Harmless, right? Not so much. This little girl has eyeliner all over her eyes. She has pink something all over her shirt. And her hair? Has hair wax all over in it. Its sticky and greasy and gross. But on the up-side at least she smells nice. Jordan told me that Liliane told him that she made her hair "pretty". 

Oh. Dear.

I am not sharing this because of anything Jordan did/didn't do. He does a great job with the children when I am gone. He really does! The children are fed and loved and played with more than ever when he's home with them. I am sharing this because this little girl has somehow managed to be in more than one place at once. She has to have! How else could she get that stuff in her hair or apply eyeliner everywhere and still be in Jordan's sight. Either that or she has super powers to stop time. I tell you, its all a day in the life of parenting a two year old. Wow. 

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  1. Two year old's really are magic. That's the beauty of them. They can do the most CRAZY things in absolutely no time and still melt your heart when they look up and smile at you.