My Darlings

This is Liliane these days. She can often be seen with unkempt hair, a goofy grin, and almost always a dirty face, (despite my best efforts to keep it clean.) She's into make-believe and will pretend to make dinner with odd assortments of objects. She likes to pretend to put lipstick on us both, and even Jordan too. She jabbers on and on. A common conversation starter she uses is "Well...last night..." and then she goes on to say something totally unrelated to last night, or any night for that matter. She cracks me up daily. I love her.
And Wesley. My dear sweet baby boy. He lost that gummy grin and now sports two little razors for teeth. He has the same blue-blue eyes that his sister has. (We can all thank Jordan for those beauties!) He loves to jump in his little safari jumper and thinks it's funny to wrinkle his nose and shoot crooked smiles to anyone watching. He is busy all the time, rolling around on the floor and playing with toys. 

I can honestly say that I think I have found my groove being a mom of 2. I so love being with these two people everyday. 


  1. it seems like forever since we've seen you guys! It hasn't been, but kids just grow that fast! I can't believe he has 2 teeth! I'm glad to hear you feel in a groove of motherhood!
    A picnic at the park sounds like a great idea....