House of Art Reveal

House of Art is now in business! The first kit was revealed on Monday and its called Carnival Ride. Its full of Prima goodness. It's been so fun to see Ariana's baby bloom! Here's hoping that lots and lots more people subscribe to really make all her efforts worthwhile.

I created 3 layouts with the kit as well as a hair thing for Liliane. Here they are so you can take a gander if you wish:
 The "hold my hand" layout is my favorite of the bunch! I loved doing the 3-D flowers. Later on this month I'll be posting on the House of Art Blog about how to create these beauties!
I can hardly wait until I get next month's kit in my hands to see what I come up with next. I have a feeling Ariana is going to win me over again with whatever she decides to put in the kit.


  1. All the layouts are great. You have very nice handwriting. Like how you inter-wine the title alpha with the journaling. Great family photos too.

  2. Wow! I am lucky to be related to such a talented lady! They're beautiful, I'm biased I know. The subjects of the layouts are really my favorite though.:)