This Little Boy

He is:

  • Teething - trying to cut his two front bottom teeth.
  • Sore from his shots he got yesterday.
  • Congested from a cold he's fighting.
Yet even with all his troubles he's still my sweet and smiley baby. I think we will both be glad once the teeth are in and the cough and soreness are gone; though I am enjoying the added snuggle time these problems have brought about.

On a lighter note, have I mentioned that I love this little guy's personality? The other night he was in his bed making the weirdest sounds. You know how babies will do that, they sing and gurgle, and grown, all for the sake of making noise. He was making this grumbling sound for the longest time (sort of the sound that someone makes to imitate the roar of a monster...) and it had Jordan and I laughing so hard! We could hear him through the baby monitor and wow. This kid has a set of lungs! He just kept going and going and going! When we went in there to see what was up, he just looked up at us with this goofy "haha - gotcha" grin. Silly boy. We sure love him.


  1. He is a total cutie! I still need to come and meet him!

  2. Your little boy is adorable! Hope he is feeling better.

    Excited to be working with you on the new dt!!