Snow Day

Friday is here and so is the snow. This is the view from my front door.
Look at all that white stuff. Lets just say that I am not so fond of it at the moment. I want the sun. I want springtime. But, then again, who doesn't? Oh well. I will just stick to my task and wait for that big yellow ball in the sky to show its face again. Hopefully the sun comes out sooner rather than later.

Thankfully the snow doesn't interrupt my latest project. I am busy refinishing a desk.
( I  am so glad I have a garage to  do this in!) When it is done it will hopefully look just like this one:
This is the one that is already in my office. My mom found it at DI and refinished it for me when I was pregnant with Liliane. (It is so weird to think that was almost 3 years ago!) We found another desk (thank you DI x 2) that looks exactly the same as the first, only this one is a little deeper. I'll be so happy once I finish sanding/staining/painting. I plan on using one for my computer and designating the other for my papercrafting. My office is craving a little makeover and using these two desks to occupying the space is just the ticket.

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  1. CUTE! I'm sure the finished product will look awesome! You are so talented girl! :)