January SADT

I finished up my assignment for the Scrap Again design team last night and now it is time to share. I have been in "reflect" mode this past week thanks to the new year. I can't believe that my little Liliane is 2! And that Wesley is 4 months old! The passing of time is baffling to me. It never stops. I guess that is one of the reason why I scrapbook, to freeze little moments. Anyway, the first page features pictures from last February. (Thank heavens for digital photography and the time stamp. I always know the date I take photos because it's part of the digital negative. Love it!) I am someone who has trouble forgetting things. I seem to remember EVERYTHING! Even little insignificant things. Its a little weird and annoying, but I've embraced it and I am thankful. I put this trait of mine to use while I did this page. I figured it was very appropriate since I've been thinking/reflecting a lot about the past year.
I wanted to put the calendar that came in the kit to use and this is the result. I love looking at these pictures of Liliane and thinking about her at that time. She has grown so much! And she shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

The next layout showcases a love of mine: Saturday. I love Saturday. It's my day to be with my whole family (most Saturdays, anyway) and eat yummy breakfast. This layout holds a lot of Paper Play (my phrase for scrapbook pretties) and I had fun with it.
 The ribbon is my favorite part. It was so simple too: I ran a loose stitch down the middle with my sewing machine and then pulled on the top thread to make it crinkle and gather. Super fun.

The featured item this month was brads so look for the ways that I incorporated them in the layouts above.

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  1. Simply Amazing!!!! We are so blessed to have your creativity on our team!!!