Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with the Millar's this year. Thirty-someodd mouths were fed and it was delightful to get to visit with family. My favorite part: the yams. They are always so good.
Jordan was probably the biggest help when it came to getting all the yummy food on the table. I swear he took part in the preparation of nearly every dish. That is why I married him. ;)
Liliane got a little impatient waiting for the food so she took matters into her own hands. She wandered into the pantry and grabbed the bag of Marshmallow Matey's and served her cousins and herself a pre-dinner cereal feast. Stinker. :)

We stopped in at the Gray's after eating/visiting with the Millar's. The Millar's had their feast early (around 1:00pm) so by the time we got to the Gray's it was about 4:00 and they were just about to sit down to eat. Jordan and Liliane sat down with them and had seconds on a few dishes. If I would have planned better I would have saved room for their feast too, but the trifle I ate at the Millar's took up the last little bit of room in my stomach! I did learn a neat beverage trick using cranberry juice, ice, and sprite. You have to load your glass just right, but here is what it looks like:
It's so pretty, so festive and so good! Thanks Mom Gray for showing me this! Hope everyone else had a lovely Thanksgiving as well!

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