Rainy Days

I used to not like the rain. I didn't like the chill (and still don't). But there is something about the way the rain's pitter-patter that I've come love. Liliane is learning about the rain and I think she finds it quite fascinating. She likes watching it streak down the windows.  

This picture was taken in June in the apartment we just moved from. This was one of the first encounters with the rain that she was actually paying attention to. She just stood in the doorway for as long as she could watching it fall. 

Over the past few days I've caught myself doing the same thing. This rain reminds me that the cold is coming. I have to ask myself if I am ready to brave another winter. Well, whether I am ready or not, the cold weather still comes. It's time to gather a few books on my reading list and curl up with a blanket and a nice warm cup of hot cocoa and get lost in the stories. 

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