Life With 2

Wow. We have two children. Two healthy, happy children. When I think about it I am almost overcome with gratitude. I'm amazed at the ease that has come with integrating another life into our family. Wesley's addition has been so amazingly laid back. He is a mellow baby so far, so much more so than Liliane was. And we didn't think she was that hard!

Liliane is quite fond of her new baby brother. My sister Tori tended Liliane while we were in the hospital. Tori brought Liliane to meet Wesley the evening he was born. She was timid at first (mostly becuase it was (9:30pm when she came and she was dead tired!) but before she left she was brave enough to give him kisses and help with his binky.

I couldn't believe how much I missed her as we were getting ready to come home from the hospital. I just wanted my whole family to be together. We were only in the hospital one night. Wesley was born on Wednesday, in the late afternoon and we came home Thursday. It was the first time we had been away from Liliane overnight, so I was anxious to have her back with me and Jordan and Wesley.

Jordan was able to stay home with me on Friday, which I am so grateful for! Having him there with me and the kids just makes me the happiest person. I love my little family! Friday was full of relaxation and a lot of this: Hugs and kisses from big sister.

I'm amazed at how different Liliane and Wesley look. I took some time Sunday to look through some of Liliane's pictures when she was first born and they don't look anything alike. They both were born with hair, and that's as far as the similarities go. Wesley was almost a pound heavier and an inch and a half longer. But they are both our children and we love them with all our hearts!

Today is my first day with just me and the kids and honestly it hasn't been much different than it was a week ago today, when I was still pregnant. I'm just so thankful to be able to be a mom. Here's to life with 2!


  1. What a handsome guy and he totally looks bigger! How did everything go? Lilliane looks so grown up now! I'm glad the adjustment has been laid back and mellow so far. Can't wait to meet him!

  2. Congrats Taraleigh & Jordan!!!! Liliane is growing up so much! You're an amazing mom already, you'll be great!