If You Ask Liliane...

If you ask Liliane what time it is, she will tell you it is "tree-tirty," which is her way of saying 3:30. 

If you ask Liliane to go get you a diaper, she will happily oblige by bringing you one diaper and three packages of wipes.

If you ask Liliane if she is ready to go to bed, she will respond "Mommy's Bed!" right away, to indicate that she wants to go to sleep on Mom's bed, even though she knows that at night time she is supposed to sleep on her bed.

If you ask Liliane to stop what she is doing, she will tell you, "Otaaaay!"and half of the time she will do as you've asked.

If you ask Liliane to say "bye" when we are leaving Nana's house, she will call out "bye! thanks for coming!" in her sweet little voice. 

I love this little girl!