Dirt, Anyone?

Well we are moved. We've been in our new place for two weeks and couldn't be happier. We are still getting things in their place and finding our way around, but we love it here! Slowly we'll get all settled and I am totally okay with that. We don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon so we'll just enjoy the journey. I'll be sharing bits and pieces of our new home in the coming weeks so stay tuned...

Other news: We were fortunate to have an old friend over for a visit yesterday which was so fun! Tawny was here from Oregon with her little girl, Amelia. Liliane and Amelia got along so well! They played and ate yummy snacks and played some more. Then they found the dirt.
They thoroughly enjoyed getting it all over themselves. It was so fun to watch them interact and run around. Before they left we took a picture of the four of us. Its amazing to see us now and think about our lives now. We have families of our own (which ours is about to grow by one boy any day now!) and we live in different places. But that friend-connection is definitely still there. 
I really enjoyed getting to catch up with Tawny and to meet her little girl. When they left, Liliane insisted on watching them drive away. When they were gone Liliane walked over to our car and pointed to the door and said, "go. GO!" wanting me to put her in the car and go follow them. She was sad that we had to go inside, but calmed herself and started saying things like, "Amelia home." and things like that. 
Liliane has really come into this new phase of semi-understandable jibber-jabber. It cracks me up every day! She's learning so much so fast that I'm having to really be cautious about my own word and action choice. I'm loving this newfound communication between us. It's fun to be able to ask her things and have her know what I am saying enough to respond appropriately. 

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