Saturday Night

Every now and again I bask in a little time to myself to let my creative winds take me where they may. Tonight happened to be one of those times and oh how I have enjoyed it!
Liliane is sleeping peacefully in her bed while Jordan is busy playing a game with my brother Talon. I am tucked away quietly in this little scrap-room/office scrapping away. 
Here is the one of the fruits of my labors this evening. I printed these pictures long ago intending to immortalize them in Liliane's album and tonight was the night to do so. 
These two people just make me happy. I am so glad Liliane got to know her grandma Gray so well while we were living there. Hopefully this bond will hold well even though we don't get to see her everyday. 

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  1. You are so good at scrapbooking!!! So is it digital? or do you scan it? You obviously do it by hand and scan it, if you have that sweet room to bask! Spaces to be creative are a MUST!!