My Brother A Soldier

This past weekend has been a busy one. We had the chance to see our entire family, and believe me, with 11 siblings chances like that don't come every day. The occasion: My brother Tony's farewell party. He began his 1st tour yesterday and is headed to Iraq. Its weird to think my brother is a real soldier. He's serving our country. I'm in awe at the amount of sacrifice this will be for him and his family. He and his wife have a son, Malaki, who is less than a week older than Liliane, and they have a baby girl due this August. Saturday night at Tony's party Tony talked about how he is glad he is doing this while his children are young and wont remember. But still, what a sacrifice! I am so grateful for him and his wife, Amy. They are giving so much to protect our freedoms. I feel lucky to report that my brother is a soldier. I support him and our troops 100%.

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