Cute Girls

I think I will be doing a lot of vicarious living through Liliane. When I was growing up there weren't very many cousins my age. The one's that were my age didn't live very close. But having come from such a big family, lots of brothers and sisters = TONS of cousins! 
My sister Candi is in town with her 6 children this weekend so we spent some time with her and my other sister, Tori on Friday. Brailyn (in the middle) and Sophia (on the right) are only 3 months apart so they get along super well. They are like best friends! They took little Liliane under their wing on Friday and let her play with them and it was so fun to watch! Liliane is almost 2 years younger than Sophia and Brailyn, but that didn't matter. They were holding hands and running around and jumping up and down. When they were playing in the back yard Liliane got scared about something. I turned around to see Brailyn carrying her to the patio so she wouldn't be afraid. I love these young relationships and I love watching them grow! When Liliane was born, Brailyn would call her "Baby Lolly." 
Look how little Liliane was! These girls are just so much fun! I am always wishing (along with everyone else) that Candi and her family still lived in Utah...but such is life. 

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