So Glad Its Over

Moving is never easy, but I must say that this recent move of ours has been the most organized. I packed every box so I knew exactly where things were. I put labels on all the boxes so we'd know what was inside each one. Jordan and I broke down all the big furniture the night before we moved so that when our help came (my brothers) all we had to do was load the stuff into the trucks.
We also brought all the boxes and obscure items up from downstairs and set them in the Jordan's parents living room so that we could take them right from there and load them into the cars. That cut down the amount of traffic on the stairs on moving day, but I managed to tweak my knee in the process (OUCH!). Jordan's mom was so kind to entertain Liliane all day while we got everything over to our new place. My mom and a few of my brothers helped with getting stuff moved and I was so grateful!
I forgot how overwhelming it is to be in a new place. It felt like a bomb went off. There were boxes everywhere! Liliane kept busy playing and climbing into the empty boxes. We stayed busy all day on Friday and Saturday getting settled and unpacking boxes and I think we're to the point now that we can safely say we're in. It is definitely an adjustment for all of us being back in our own household since we've been living in Jordan's parents' basement for the last 13 months. But we are happy to be where we are. Liliane loves having her own room! I love that I have a room again too! (We had our bed, our living room, and office all in one room where we came from.) I love that I don't have to sneak through Liliane's room get to the bathroom and brush my teeth at night.

I am so grateful for where we came from and for where we are. Living with Jordan's parents allowed me to stay home with Liliane and allowed Jordan to continue pushing through school. I've been taking this as a sign that our life is inching its way past this college stage. Jordan finishes his degree in August after he completes his last two classes this summer. We are thrilled for him to be done!

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  1. Congrats on the move. I hear ya with moving into a bigger place! When we moved to a 2bed 2bath I thought I was living it up! now we already are wanting a bigger place.. baby steps baby steps.