Nice Hat

Pictures like this make me sit back in awe. Wow. Thats all Jordan and I can say, thanks to this fabulous little girl. Every day there is something new, something that she does that leaves Jordan and me rolling on the floor laughing. Last week she pointed to my brothers abdomen and said "Baby." We had to remind her that mommy is the one with a baby in her tummy. Sunday we secretly watched her walk in circles in the entryway, all the while folding her arms. Then, at Nana's house, she attempted to say applesauce, but it sounded more like happihop with a chinese twist. I love it. I love her. This raising children thing is so bittersweet. You can't wait until they walk and talk, yet you long for them to stay small and tiny.  They grow and they grow fast. Its a lot to handle sometimes, but its always worth it.


  1. That is so great that you're having a boy!!! Congrats! Also, Lilianne is so adorable. Enjoy them when they're small, which it looks like you are, cause they grow so dang fast!! My oldest grandson is already 10 1/2. I can't believe it. Love your new place too! Take care, Chris;)

  2. oh my she's not even a baby or toddler anymore.... she's a little girl.. weird.