The 5th Place We've Called "Home"

I thought I would share a peak of the apartment we just move to. It will be kindof picture heavy, but without the photos, you wouldn't be able to really "see" what I am going to be rambling on about.

This is our front porch. I love the random flowers that grow in the grass on the one side. When my sister-in-law stopped by the other day she thought they were fake. They are real, alright. And they smell good too when there is a light breeze.

This is our front entry. The apartment we moved to was built in 1980, so it is a little dated, but it will work. Liliane loves going out the front door onto the porch. Any time I say "lets go outside" she books it to the door.

This is the view of our living room from the front door. (Don't pay any attention to the decor on the ledge above the fire place...that is a work in progress.) When we moved in two weeks ago, we didn't have a couch because we sold our old one before we moved the last time. We thought we could get by with just two mismatched chairs for a while before we bought a new couch. Well- that didn't last long. By day 5 Jordan and I were both wishing we had a couch. I looked on KSL and craigslist for days trying to find something that would work for now but I didn't find anything. Jordan and I really didn't want to go spend a bunch of money on a new set until we are ready to. Finally, on Monday I thought I would check at DI to see if there was anything worth while and TA-DA! I found us a couch for $40.

I was trying to find something a bit more neutral, but when I sat down on this couch I was amazed! The price tag wasn't bad either! It was the cheapest thing I had seen everywhere I looked. The funny thing is that it matches a lot of our decor that we already had. We will most likely get rid of the flower chair that was in the first photo of the living room. (That thing is pretty ugly but it was a chair for $10 and its a swivel rocker. When I bought it over a year ago I mostly got it for the idea of having a swivel rocker, but it's still ugly!)

This is the other side of our living room. I hate the blinds with a passion! but the wood panel is growing on me. I just wish it didn't steal as much light as it does. The paneling is only on that one wall and the wall next to the stairs, but even then it does rob a lot of the light.

The pictures above and below are of our dining room. We put Jordan's desk in here too because the 3rd bedroom is super small and it wouldn't fit.

At least his desk is long and narrow and it doesn't come out into the room too much. There is plenty of space to get by to the table and the kitchen.

The kitchen is very dated but functional. The dishwasher and fridge are newer but the oven leaves much to be desired. It works, but we've had to be cautious about cooking times because I don't think its been calibrated in a while.

This is a long post, but I'm almost done. Now its on to the bedrooms....

The above two photos are of Liliane's room. She absolutely loves having her own room. Its no longer the hallway to the bathroom, and we are all enjoying that. She loves going in there to play with her toys. When the baby comes we will most likely put them together after the baby is ready to be out of our room (around January or so). There is plenty of room in there for the two to share, and it will only be short term anyway since we're only staying her a year.

And finally this is our room. I was so happy to find that our bed didn't eat up all the space in this room. We have a king and they have a tendency to take over. We were lucky to fit all our clothing in our closet so we don't have a dresser out in the room. Right before we moved I had the urge to re-decorate with our bedding and such. I had a lot of fun making the throw pillows (there is a post to come later all about it) but I have one more to finish which is why it doesn't look balanced in the picture. I made the two smaller wall hangings and I found the center one at Tai Pan. Well. There you have it. Our whole apartment in one long blog post.


  1. It looks Roomy. And didn't you know Dated is so IN :) so your all good! It looks like you guys unpacked so fast! Congrats on the new house!!

  2. You've done a great job with the place! Thanks for sharing a ton of pictures, I loved the virtual tour.

  3. It looks so cute and homey! I'm so happy for you guys, I can't wait to come visit. :)

  4. Fun!!! Where did you move to? You always make it look so inviting :) Congrats on the new place!