No Legs=Happy Moving

This is so my Liliane. Being silly and being herself. She cracks me up! I don't know what possessed her to strip off her pants and pull her shirt over her legs.... She thought it was pretty funny though, and so did I. Her comic relief is much appreciated as we're getting ready to move. She keeps me smiling amidst all the stress. Moving will be good. We are looking forward to giving Jordan's parents back their basement. (I'm sure they'll be happy to have it back.) The next two weeks will consist of packing all our things, undoubtedly with Liliane's "help", and moving into the duplex we found for rent. Jordan hasn't even seen the place we are moving to but he claims to trust my judgement. The funny thing is that I am most excited about unpacking all my kitchen things that have been in storage for the last 13 months. Yipee! It will be a blessed reunion for sure. :)

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