The Hunt Continues

You might recall this post from last April. Well, they are back. And sadly, we've no cat to keep them under control. He got gobbled by a cougar around New Years. Sad. We liked that cat. And he really knew how to earn his keep. He was the best mouser in the world! But alas, he is no more. And the mice are back.

Monday morning at 5:00am I heard something. I asked Jordan if he was making that noise. He said, "no" and turned on the lamp. There went the mouse scurrying from under the couch back into a closet where we think he came from. Gross! Jordan went searching out in the garage to see where the heck they were getting in. He thinks he found the spot under a bay of shelves where the mice might be gaining access. So we set out more traps. And this time we decided to try this sonic thing were you plug this thing into the wall outlet and it emits a high frequency that mice and rodents don't like.

We caught two mice within hours of putting out the traps and haven't seen any since. So I guess I am a believer in this sonic thing. I was skeptical at first but figured we had no choice but to give it a try. And they work! Last year we seriously lost count of how many mice we caught in the traps. It was one-a-day for a while, and on a good day even two. I just happily look forward to the day that I no longer live in a basement and I don't to worry about mice.

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