Around the Room

Spring always makes me want to change stuff, to organize, dejunk, and revamp. So I've been busy doing just that. Just like anyone else, I love bargain finds. I happily report that I was able to do a little decorating all on a nice, small budget. 
I found the little bird at Tai Pan Trading for $2.57. I love the little hint of spring he gives to the shelf! I got a blue bird too, which sits on another shelf giving it the same feel of spring.
This pot/pitcher came from Tai Pan too, and for only $7.97. It brightens up my black shelf so nicely. 
On Monday I found this glider-rocker at DI for only $15. It's sturdy and clean and so worth the money I spent on it. I plan on shampooing it to get what little dirt on it gone. I told my mom that I've inherited her eye. She is (dare-I-say) the queen of good finds from DI.

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