Can you say YUM?

I've been busy spending time with family and especially Jordan since he is back from Ohio. Last week some of the girls on the Gray side got together and held our traditional Christmas Baking day. Jordan's sister Chelsea made these and they were sooooo good. She also made some peanut butter fudge that I ate right up too. Claire, another sister-in-law, made mint brownies and these ginger snap cookies that were to die for. (I probably ate 15 of those myself. So good.) My mom-in-law made christmas sugar cookies and a toffee. I attempted to make caramels, but alas I forgot Karo syrup in both batches that I tried making. But I made them on Monday and they turned out just fine. After all the cookies and goodies were baked and set, we could not believe how much we had! I love this time of year and all the sugar and chaos and stress and joy and happiness it brings. Happy Christmas Eve Eve


  1. I love these kind of cookies. Have you ever tried them with Reeses? So Yum. The sledding looks fun! So much snow!

  2. I'm glad you got a batch to turn out! I know that was frustrating! How funny it was the karo syrup though? :)
    Your scrapbooking is so cute and that's cute Jordan looks through them too. Can you please just scrapbook my family's lives too while you're at it? I wish I had a passion for it like you.