Missing These Colors

Its official. I think fall is coming to a close, and with that the color is fading too. Fall has always been my favorite season. Sadly I tend to think it is one the shortest lived, since winter sometimes isn't patient enough to let fall have its turn. I can't complain that much, though. This past October has been one of the mildest Octobers is a long time. And I was grateful. I'm going to miss outings like this:

I loved taking Liliane to the park when the colors were so vibrant! She loves playing with her cousin, Zoey, and going to the park was perfect opportunity for her to do so. Plus, there was more on the ground to put in her mouth than just the usual dirt and rocks. There were LEAVES! Pretty leaves!

All I can do now is sigh, and long for next fall to roll around. But in the meantime, I have the holiday season to look forward to. I've been working on some projects (that undoubtedly have to do with paper) that will hopefully enhance our holiday season this year. The first is my "Gratitude Ledger." Here is a peek:
My mom and I got together last Friday night and started working on it. It is going to record the many things I am grateful for. And there is no better time to do it than right around Thanksgiving. :) Maybe I'll post a few pictures of the inside, so stay tuned...

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  1. Missing those colors too...and I'm missing your camera! Send me any picks you have of zoey :)