Happy 100th and a Birthday

This is the 100th post on our blog! Its weird to think I've been doing this blog thing for nearly two years. I should celebrate... As for the birthday: Liliane turned 1! She is a big bad 12 month old now, walking and talking and continually winning our hearts over. Wednesday was her birthday so we had cake and ice-cream that night. She loved opening her gifts and had fun with all of them. She publicly displayed her love for nerds. Teejay, Laurie and James gave her a box with her present. As soon as she saw them, she HAD to have a few before she would move on to the next gift. Silly girl. She ate the entire piece of cake and the scoop of ice cream we gave her thanks to Nana and her help. When everyone had left to go home, Liliane was still playing away with her new toys.

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