Stinker Face

She has been keeping us VERY busy! Here is a little taste what this little terror (whom I love so VERY much) has been up to:

She figured out how to get on top of a box and stand up so she could fiddle with some of the things on my desk. She's going for one of my punches in the picture. She has a recent habit of standing up and playing with things and then plopping back down onto the ground when she wants to move on to something else. Unfortunately she did this while she was on the box. She sat down and when she did, she went down-- all the way to the ground. It startled her but she only cried for a second. I had a hard time trying to keep from laughing as I consoled her since I was sitting right next to her and saw the whole thing.
Liliane is angry in this picture because her silly mom took away the Reece's peanut butter cup she was in the middle of devouring. If you look, you can see the chocolate evidence on the corner of her mouth. She wasn't too fond of losing her treat. But life goes on. And she's still just as sneaky.
She thought it would be fun to rip the guts out of this pillow. What kills me is that Jordan was resting on the couch right behind her and didn't see her doing it. Nothing we couldn't rectify though. The pillow is stuffed again and out of Liliane's reach.

Something I didn't catch on camera was when she was eating her beans from our white chili we had the other night. She would bring them to her mouth and blow on them before she ate them. They weren't even hot but she kept doing it. Her little puff of air that she would send on her bean was so delicate and hilarious at the same time. I love this little lady!

Like I said, this is only a taste. She now likes to mock us when we shake our head no, or nod our head yes. She does the same and its adorable and so funny! I'll have to see about getting it on video. It kills me.

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  1. Isn't this a fun...busy...age? She's a cutie though! I love the wig!! I'm glad you fixed the pillow...I thought it looked familiar :)