Jordan is on his third trip to Ohio this week. I think the only thing that really keeps me going when he is away is making things. Its the girl in me. We like to create. So today I set out to make this beautiful fabric flower. It was so much easier than I thought it would be! I just used some polyester nylon fabric I found at JoAnn for $2 and then the pearl beads that came in a huge pack. I could probably make 20 of these flowers with the remnant I bought- so it was very cost effective! I think I might put it on a hair clip or a headband.

Last night I tore apart some silk flowers I bought from the dollar store and made a corsage tee. I had seen this video clip from studio 5 that was all about dressing up regular tees, so I decided to give it a spin. (I took the picture from a strange angle, but you get the idea.)
What's great is that these crafts are SO inexpensive! They feed this habit/hunger/need/desire I have to create, so that works out nice! I got the cream shirt from Forever 21 for $5. The flowers were $1 for all of them. So: $6 dollars for a cute little unique shirt all of my very own.


  1. I love seeing the creative things you do. You rock, chick!

  2. Those are awesome!! I would love to do things like that... we should get a group together & do things monthly or something.

  3. Taraleigh! How cute!!! You'd be so proud of me...I totally did something crafty on Saturday night. I will show you when I see you.