These Two

Even though this picture isn't very clear, it is easily one of my most favorites of Jordan and Liliane! She has her daddy and that is all that little lady needs. I love their relationship. As Liliane gets older, Jordan continues to play a more and more significant role in her life. She no longer depends on Mom for everything. When Jordan comes home from work, she knows who he is right when he walks in the door. She always greets him with a grin from ear to ear. Lately I would even guess that Jordan gets more hugs and kisses than I do on a daily basis. She loves to play and interact with Jordan and I am so glad she does. I think its important for dads to have this kind of time with babies. Its hard for them to find their place in parenting at the very start, just because the baby often relies 100% on M-O-M. I'm happy to be at the stage where he can be more involved with her. Jordan does such a good job. She really lucked out getting him for her daddy. I really lucked out getting to be part of their family. :)