The Countdown Preparation

I absolutely love this time of year. I love it more than any other season. Autumn just makes my heart skip a beat. It reminds me of when Jordan and I were dating. I love the fall colors, the cooler weather, the more comfortable wardrobe (in my opinion) and all the yummy dishes that come around right about now. This year I plan on doing some fun activities to celebrate the holidays and this wonderful time. Here is my first project:
This is a glimpse of my countdown to Halloween. Each little ornament will be hung on a tree between October 19 and 31 to celebrate 13 nights of Halloween. On the back of each ornament there will be fall activity that our family can do. Some of those include making pumpkin bread, going to a football game, making carmel apples, carving pumpkins... the list goes on. I am so excited about this little activity! I had such a blast making the ornaments. Surprisingly it took more time than I thought when I set out to complete this project, but I've enjoyed doing it.

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  1. I love the family pictures. and I love this countdown idea! Yeah for Fall! I too believe the wardrobe is more comfortable.