Jordan and I have had SO much fun this summer! We decided last Sunday that we wanted to go to Yellowstone. So we packed up and took off to Montana on Thursday and got back last night. We had such a great time! We went with Jordan's parents and younger siblings. There was so much to see! I loved it all! Liliane is such a wonderful baby! She was basically in the car seat or in her stroller the entire time, but she was so good for us. She was so happy! And she slept great at night (even in the 40 degree weather that it was at night). I had no complaints. Here are a few of the highlights from the trip.

The views of the Yellowstone grand canyon were so gorgeous! I never knew how much scenery there really is at that national park. This picture was taken right on the platform that overlooks the big falls. (I can't remember the name). Seeing the waterfall was unlike anything I've ever seen before. I loved it! (You can't see Liliane because she was in the stroller, but she was there next to us.)
One of the first stops we made was to look at a few hot pots on the southern loop. We were looking around at the different pools and I made an astonishing discovery: there are BONES in this hot pot! If you look really close, you can see them. It looks like an animal just fell right in or something. WEIRD!
I had never seen Old Faithful before, so we had to make a stop there. We got there just after it had gone off, so we had to hang around the 90 minutes before it erupted again.
While we were driving around the southern loop, we passed this pond on the side of the road near the Continental Divide. It was filled with LILY PADS! How appropriate for our Lily-Bug. We pulled over so we could take a picture. I honestly had never seen a real lily pad (I don't know what they are really called) before, so that was definitely a fun little stop.
This picture was taken near that pond with the lily pads in it. I don't know if you can tell, but my little Lily looks so darn CUTE! She is looking right at the camera, and she has the most adorable fuzz head ever in this picture.
Brandon and Whitney, Jordan's younger siblings, were so fun be be with. They are always laughing and having a good time. During the two days we spent in the park, we all crammed into Jordan's dad's truck.

We saw 5 or 6 bears, all from a good distance, but that was cool. We saw other wildlife too, but I had never seen a bear in the wild, so I can now cross that off my "things to see before I die" list.
On our way back to UT, we took a scenic byway that went by Mesa Falls in ID. Honestly, the two waterfalls we got to see right up close were probably my most favorite parts about the trip. It was so unreal to be right next to these beauties. I am so glad we went by these falls, I never even knew they existed before actually seeing the. This trip was so worth it and I am so glad we had the chance to go.

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